Falling in love


So, ballet is now part of my “previous life”, but then…why yoga?

Did I hear a “calling”? Did I feel my Kundalini energy rising?? Well… as a matter of fact…I actually did!

Me, with the rational, mathematical mind… I felt something different pulling me in one direction, and I decided to follow.

Then it was Yoga Love.

I have always been attracted to the practice. I am not really sure why.. I guess it just made me feel good, and plus it was a little “get away” - new people, different places, something outside my “ballet bubble”… And yes, stretching felt good and familiar, but breathing was actually.. something new.. so, why not?

I started off in Zurich, very basic yoga in the gyms around the city.

I managed to get my best friend involved and it became a “Sunday thing” , we practiced, we laughed (sorry OM..I did not get you at the beginning…) and then went for a nice Spa day.. nothing could beat that!!

All my past experience with the practice was nothing compared to the “need” to learn  more that came after my injury.

As you can imagine, those days were not sunshine. I was CRASHED. DEVASTATED. I literally felt broken into pieces inside as well as outside.

Even though I had everything else really going for me.. I couldn’t dance anymore and life let me down, that’s all that mattered.

I had two options. One was to stay miserable for the rest of my days. The other was to follow the “pulling” and give that little voice a chance…

I heard there was a new studio that just came up, close to home, a Teacher Training starting soon with apparently a very good teacher. 

And then I met her; this very tall, strong, secure, stunning and energetic woman called Basia. You have to know that with Basia, there is not such a conversation made of questions and answers. It’s mostly statements from her side... and i guarantee you that somehow anything she says... you just end up doing…

Towards me, there was not any pettiness for what happened. All I got from her was “it’s a shift", followed by “go practice”.

At first I was a little confused or shocked?? But that feeling was very early replaced from the deepest curiosity, excitement and interest…

And without even realizing, the practice became my daily mantra, the yoga mat my mirror, Basia my mentor and Hiyoga my new family.

And, like my Mamy always tells me “Si chiude uni porta e si are un portone” -

yoga was my new door.


The teacher (Basia) and Assistant (me) showing off in Goa's beaches during her last retreat in Purple Valley yoga.

The teacher (Basia) and Assistant (me) showing off in Goa's beaches during her last retreat in Purple Valley yoga.